Killing Eve Season 2 Ending Explained: Did Eve Die?

The ending of season 2 showed Villanelle (Jodie Corner) shooting Eve (Sandra Oh) in the shoulder. We got a wide angle of her collapsing to the ground, but none of us knew if the bullet actually hit her, where it’d hit here. None of us actually knew what happened.

It’s pretty safe to say that Eve will survive through and live for a third season which has been confirmed.

The meanings of Killing Eve.

There are several ways to translate the meaning of Killing Eve. First would be a literal translation of a story about killing Eve. Which was why some people think it was convincing to say that Villanelle dealt quite a blow to her, probably as a payback to what Eve did to Villanelle.

It became more convincing when Villanelle was actually hired by Eve’s idea to kill Eve. She definitely enjoyed the job as she shows up in a full black outfit complete with a funeral veil. She finishes her appearance with a bullet in Eve (or that’s what the show’s last episode seemed to have suggested).

Another is what Oh thinks about the episode where Eve killed Raymond. During the scene where Villanelle could have shot Raymond with her gun, she chose to push Eve to make an extreme decision of to kill or be killed. She chose the later, axing Raymond’s head off and gave Villanelle a reason to be joyful.

“She now becomes the killing Eve. The Eve who kills,” Oh explained.

Villanelle felt a sense of victory over her for being able to push her to make the extreme decision of taking a life. She thinks Eve has now joined the dark side with her and they should be preparing a honeymoon and just enjoy killing as a hobby. Which ended up tragic for both because Eve could see Villanelle’s skewed thinking of what love is supposed to mean.

Will Eve kill more?

The understanding of Killing Eve seems to be leaning towards the latter. Although Villanelle seemed to have shot her in the shoulder, we know she can’t be dead. Meanwhile, Eve has stabbed Villanelle in Season 1 and even beheaded a man this season.

We’ll probably be seeing even more gory scenes from Eve in the third season. Suzanne Heathcote is confirmed to stand as the showrunner

Isabelle Ross

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