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Martin Lawrence And Will Smith Are Back Together In Bad Boys For Life First Trailer

If you have heard and still not believe it, Bad Boys For Life is officially in the pipeline. After being apart for 16 years, Martin Lawrence and Will Smith will be copping another case as they are teaming back for the Bad Boys For Life at the top 2020.

Clearly, the threequel has really been a long time coming after facing years of setbacks and delays, but it appears that it’s well worth the patience. Nevertheless, the first official trailer for the film from Sony Pictures really delivers a start to the finish.

While it’s so exciting to see again an iconic pair – Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, having a ball and displaying they have another interesting story to tell with the franchise that had kicked started their comedy career since the 90s, the trailer started with Will Smith’s Detective Mike Lowrey stepping out of a shiny blue show-stopping car before the door got hit by Lawrence’s Detective Marcus Burnett.

Hit with a fire hydrant, the film once again will take place in Miami – where the boys had originally been taken down criminals as before. Besides, Bad Boys For Life features gun-slinging stylized fights, lots of hilarious quips between the paired detectives, helicopter stunts as well as motorcycle chases.

Specifically, Captain Howard will be played by Joe Pantoliano. He sure will be getting restless and in turn, throw f-bombs at Will Smith for his strategic means of always getting things done. The action-comedy related movie will also be featuring Paola Nunez as Rita, and Head of the Miami Unit.

Bad Boys For Life plans to kick off 2020 on a strong page as it’s planned to be in the Cinemas by January 17.

Watch The Trailer Here:

Are you excited about its first trailer?

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