Sony And Marvel Split Over Spider-Man Rights: Boycott Threats Have Been Thrown

Sony Pictures and Disney failed to reach a consensus over how to basically split the profit between them. Admittedly, the most successful Spider-Man ever currently was the friendly neighborhood spidey who was mentored by Tony Stark played by Tom Holland.

To suddenly have him cut from the universe will definitely make the next movie weird no matter how well they try to adjust it. Thus, the fans who keep flashing threats to boycott Sony, Disney and basically everyone if they don’t work together.

While we’re excited for the extended cut of ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’, fans have to flood the reply section with tags that range from boycotting Sony Pictures to Save Spider-Man.

We won’t get too deep into the whole fiasco with profit split, but basically Disney wants half the candy. Sony doesn’t want to.

We really hope they can reach a consensus especially with that obvious cliffhanger ending with Mysterio and at least two more movies with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. And Tony Stark did not die for this!

Layla Collins

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