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Michelle Obama Wins The ‘2019 Most Admired Woman In The World’ Title


Michelle Obama Wins The ‘2019 Most Admired Woman In The World’ Title

President Trump secured the fourteen spot.

Apparently, countries have their heroes and as time passes, these heroes are growing in numbers, depicting that appearance and attitude displayed in media largely does matter.

Yearly, a market research organization, YouGov usually embark on a worldwide survey in a bid to select who the most admired men and women are. And this year’s survey has come with a lot of surprises.

Winning a title, Former First Lady Michelle Obama was on the top.

Instagram | @michelleobama

Yes! Our cherished Michelle Obama wins the 2019 most admired woman in the world title. As proof that the world loves Michelle a lot, this would, however, be the first year she managed to beat down Angelina Jolie. This year, Jolie got the third.

Obviously, Michelle Obama beat out high profile contenders.

Instagram | @oprah

The popularly known, Oprah Winfrey came second while Queen Elizabeth II came forth. Other popular individuals like Hilary Clinton came in eight, Madonna and Ellen DeGeneres got tenth and eleven respectively, Taylor Swift got ninth while Lady Melania Trump got nineteenth. 

And for the men!

Instagram | @thisisbillgates

Former Microsoft CEO and Human Rights Activist, Bill Gates got the 2019’s most admired men in the world – a step ahead of former President Barack Obama. Jackie Chan, Chinese President Xi Jinping, and Alibaba Founder, Jack Ma – got the places of third to fifth.

Our Very Own President Trump also made the list.

Instagram | @realdonaldtrump

President Trump secured the fourteen spot, while Vladimir Putin got the tenth most admired man in the world.

Are you convinced with the rankings?

Nevertheless, A Big Thanks To Michelle Fans!

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