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Microsoft to Train At Least 15,000 People In AI

Microsoft has long been known to the tech company that provides many services we use every day. From Microsoft Word to the Windows our computers and laptops operate on, Microsoft is the world’s leading company in tech investment.

On May 17, Microsoft has declared their intention to add at least 15,000 more people into their workforce. These people are to be trained for Artificial Intelligence-related technology skills which will take precedence in the future according to a report from World Economic Forum (WEF).

Microsoft AI Business School launched.

Fulfilling the prophecy

The report details how many jobs will be created thanks to the advancement of technology. Many of us will be working with machines and algorithms according to the “The Future of Jobs 2018.” By 2022, there are 133 million jobs possibility created with about 75 million loss, which means there is a net gain of 58 million new jobs.

Microsoft is obviously one of those companies that deal majorly with algorithms and machines. They plan to train and employ 2,000 employees for the first year in AI-skills. And for the next 3 years, the company will recruit up to 15,000 people at the very least.

AI technology has been the main interests of many, opening the possibilities of automating processes and increasing accuracy as well as processing time. Microsoft also plans to send out fully trained workers to places that requires them.

AI Standards Board

The company partnered with General Assembly in choosing, assessing and training employees in AI-related skills. They form the ‘AI Standards Board’ which contains details of AI-skills standards, assessment requirements and a framework that guides people to gain their certification.

The partnership also forms another network, called ‘AI Talent Network’. This network scouts talented individuals and offer them contractual or long-term work opportunities. The network is supported in 22 campuses of General Assembly as well as the Adecco ecosystem through jobs pipeline.

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