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Microsoft Warns Again 50m Windows 10 Users For A Serious Bug


Microsoft Warns Again 50m Windows 10 Users For A Serious Bug

Registry backups don’t work. VPN is next in line.

Windows 10 didn’t have a smooth launch and so far, it’s been a rough journey towards a comfortable, sound experience with Win10. Previously, the company was discovered with a serious deception in their system when registry backups were never made despite being ‘successfully made’.

Microsoft has to release another unfortunate warning regarding its newest update, the KB4501375.

New warning from Microsoft from Windows 10 users

Windows Latest have spotted this bug that has plagued users’ RASMAN or Remote Access Connection Manager. The biggest consequence will be felt by VPN users because every each of us are finding more reasons to connect to the internet through the VPN. Whether it’s to tighten your privacy’s security or just to watch Netflix, RASMAN is the man to go in your system.

Fortunately(?), only 50m users out of 800m users (per April 2019) are affected by only the latest version, Windows 10 1903. As of June, AdDuplex posted a report that is not far from the figure for Windows 10 users of the latest version, which is about 50.4m.

If only we could rewind the time…

Windows are working on a fix for this issue while there is no specific timeframe. They do include an estimation of where this will be solved, adding this at the end of the description and temporary workaround of the issue:

“We are working on a resolution and estimate a solution will be available in late July.”

Even if the new update comes, it’s a hit or miss since nobody knows if this will be the last big issue Windows 10 comes with. And if Microsoft will ever recover fully as an honest company who doesn’t keep shoving users with horrible updates and others to enter the minefield of Win10.

It doesn’t seem that loyal Windows 7 users will ever be convinced of ‘upgrading’ their Windows OS at this moment. At least, not within this year.

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