Netflix New Action ‘Wu Assassins’ Brings Sci-Fi, Kung Fu And Food Together

A new kung-fu fighting movie is dropping on Netflix on August 8 as a chef who serves Chinese food in San Francisco is suddenly responsible for some sort of ancient power. Kai Jin will be played by Indonesian actor Iko Uwais (‘Raid 2’) and will become ‘Wu Assassin’.

On the other hand, the show interestingly imbued this ‘Sense8’ personality-shifting ability on Kai Jin that shows the original Wu Assassin played by Mark Dacascos (‘John Wick 3’). Add to that Kai Jin has to fight his own father, Byron Mann (Lewis Tan) who also possesses supernatural powers.

All-in-all, the actions look smooth and great and while the story is kind of cliche, we won’t be disappointed with the action as Iko Uwais is a son of a martial arts (Pencak silat) master and learns it himself. His acting isn’t the best, but since the action is what we want here – he will do great.

The trailer has dropped so check it out below!

It seems that 2019 is seeing the revival of Chinese-American blend of superheroes that are imbued with Chinese martial arts. After Ip Man, ‘Shang-chi’ is poised to be the next big thing for being the first Chinese superhero from Marvel Studio. SDCC 2019 also recently announced that Simu Liu will play Shang-chi.

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