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Nick Jonas And John Stamos Can’t Stop Trolling Each Other, And It’s Hilarious


Nick Jonas And John Stamos Can’t Stop Trolling Each Other, And It’s Hilarious

“It’s your move.”

It’s obvious that Nick Jonas is eyeing another dark-haired cuteness other than his pretty wife Priyanka Chopra. Yes, it’s John Stamos. The two had a brother-like romance that begun since 2018 and ever since then, things had been burning up for the pair.

Specifically, Stamos was the first to make the initial move when he flaunted his appreciation for the band on several occasions and since then, things have started falling in.

However, the Jonas Brothers have announced they will be ending their six-year break in July and sent a nostalgia wave to over twenty communities. What began as an innocent fashion sign has apparently flourished into a riotously trolling between the singer and actor.

Having starred side by side in a TV Series called the Scream Queens, the recent prank that has the internet talking was from Nick Jonas, and it displayed the trolling fight has leveled two levels.

Actor, John Stamos, and Singer Nick Jonas can’t stop amazingly trolling at each other.

Stamos has indeed proven he is not among the fair-weather fans and has been seen repeatedly with a photographed Jo-Bros Merch.

Caught by Paparazzi, the ex-full House Star was seen wearing a Vintage worn-out T-shirt of the band at a rehearsal for a 4th July concern with the Beach Boys in Washington D.C last year.

The 55-year-old actor took to the red carpet flaunting more fan stuff while dressed in a black coat.

Responding, Nick Jonas was spotted through a shared photo on Instagram that displayed a hoodie with an image of Stamos wearing a Jonas Brother T-Shirt with a caption “It’s your move.”

Not allowing such to go just down like that, Stamos responded by sharing a photo of where he was getting close to Jonas through a customized pillowcase. This, however, brought things to another level.

He captioned the act sweetly by saying: “I had the craziest dream last night…” and gave a shout out to the bands new #1 single ‘Sucker.”

Supporters Were However Impressed With The Height Of The Trolling:

And Expects More:

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