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‘Pretty Woman’ Originally Ended Differently, According To Julia Roberts


‘Pretty Woman’ Originally Ended Differently, According To Julia Roberts

It was a gritty movie.

“So many, many, many years ago, one of my early auditions was for a movie called ‘3,000’. Most people don’t know that ‘3,000’ was the original ‘Pretty Woman’ script. And the ending was really heavy,” Patricia Arquette, now 51, recalls her days auditioning for one of the most known rom-com classics.

‘Pretty Woman’ had a different ending originally when they were ‘3,000’.

Julia Roberts, also 51, was being interviewed with Patricia Arquette and talks about being jobless right after she landed the role. The “small movie company folded over the weekend” and Roberts talks about the ending being something far from the happy end it had. “And by Monday, I didn’t have a job.”

Julia Roberts liked ‘Pretty Woman’ better after the company folded.

“Thank God it fell apart.” Admittedly, she was not one to audition for a “gritty movie” like this.

Afterward, the script and the only producer left were taken by Disney and the movie’s tone was completely changed. She thought they were going to animate the movie, but she did feel like the new script matches her overall much better.

What kind of ending did ‘3,000’ have?

Her character was thrown out of a car and the taxi driver threw her money before driving off, leaving her in some dark alley. Definitely not the kind of rom-com we would have remembered and cherished as of today.

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