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Reusable Toilet Paper Is A Thing And People Have Different Thoughts


Reusable Toilet Paper Is A Thing And People Have Different Thoughts

So what do you think?

Every morning across the world, people find a new topic to take sides on. Sparking arguments on Twitter, people via their comment section really tend to get so passionate about their stand.

And this time around, there’s a divided opinion over reusable toilet paper – also known as the family cloth.

I know you will be wondering how this reusable toilet paper actually works. But it’s entirely understandable since it’s new to our territory. So let’s dig down into some often asked questions.

Reusable toilet paper is defined as the family cloth


While some individuals hang their toilet papers up on a roll, some keep the clean cloth in a basket close to the toilet


So, what’s causing the debate/arguments?

Apparently, there are many reasons for the debate. One particular reason is the fact that reusable toilet paper is quite eco-friendly as it helps reduce the amount of paper waste produced by a family. This obviously sounds like a good reason.

Another reason is, however, money, i.e. cost-effective!


If you come from a very large family, toilet paper can take a huge chunk of your monthly budget. But with the reusable toilet paper, all you have to do is to replace it anytime the fabric wears out. It definitely helps save a lot of money.

Some individuals acknowledged they feel fresh and clean after using it


It’s really no different than cloth diapers


Most people use a spray bottle or bidet with water along with the reusable toilet paper to get everywhere clean and fresh.

And since we are in the age of Twitter, some individuals, however, have strong opinions on this family cloth

While others appear curious about the whole thing

This particular tweet raised a good point

Some people have been using the family cloth for years

So what do you think?

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