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Royole Flexpai Launched The First Foldable Smartphone Ever


Royole Flexpai Launched The First Foldable Smartphone Ever

A rushed launched, but a sneak peek look into what foldable smartphone can do.

Rumors of phones that can be folded have abounded for years with leaks and concept pictures of how companies are going to them. Finally, the first foldable smartphone was released earlier this year in January. The gadget was first sold in China and has since been made available in developer mode as well in the US.

Welcome the Royole Flexpai

Royole did not do a great job in manufacturing smartphones, which is understandably not their strength. The company, however, is excellent when it comes to innovating flexible displays and foldable screens. The founders were Stanford graduates and they have hats and handbags with digital displays.

They can proudly wear the cape of being the first to release a foldable smartphone/tablet that stretches 7.3″ wide.

But on top of that all, Royole did implement the folding technology quite well, since the screen comfortably snaps into half its size without breaking. It feels pretty robust and the hinge is able to handle the stress very well. A minor dissatisfaction would be the small bulge around the hinge that creates empty narrow space in between the screen.

Horrible smartphone, but great technology.

Royole did great with the hardware, but the problem comes with the software. Which means it looks fancy, but has a very bad interface and basically a horrible smartphone to carry around. It’ll make you remember the time when smartphones were only beginning to gain popularity.

It doesn’t have a good sensor as you change your phone’s orientation. In several tests, the phone can look upside down, screaming horrible interface for users.

Folding the screen can get you to interact with the phone accidentally since the application icons are spread all over the screen. It has decent AMOLED display with over-saturation everywhere, and horrible cameras to add.

Royole Flexpai did great for being the first company to successfully implement foldable display in smartphones. It has basic functions, but aside from that, it’s a horrible phone to use. If you are willing to spend $1,320 to look fancy and have it compared with Samsung Galaxy Fold, though, it’s going to be cool.

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