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Runner Uses San Francisco As His Canvas And Draws Artwork With His Feet


Runner Uses San Francisco As His Canvas And Draws Artwork With His Feet

Literally running to create an art.

This man has been running around the city in a route that draws an art. We’re not talking about a dude who takes brushes and canvas to draw, but a dude who literally draw by running.

Introducing Lenny Maughan who wanted to do something better than simply creating pictures of a stick with two balls. Hilarious, but not creative. Apps that track our running route are getting common so he thought, why not do something original?

He’s drawn 53 artworks so far and here are some of the most prominent works that people recognize.


Starship Enterprise.

Frida Kahlo – 28.9-mile (46.5 km).

Maughan said that this was not a passion, but simply something he found interesting to do. As people recognize pictures in their route as “kind of like a Rorschach test”, he set out to draw something a little different.

“That’s where it all began. But I wanted to do something different and something original. I just printed out a paper map and sketched a hand shape along Market Street and the other fingers, thumb, and wrist came pretty easily.”

“The larger you go, the more fine-tuned you can make the shape,” Maughan gave tips.

Star Trek’s Vulcan hand gesture.

Batman logo.


“When I was a kid everyone thought I’d be an artist when I grew up – I was always drawing things,” Maughan added. He uses the tracking app Strava to ‘draw’ and is also a fan of Etch-a-Sketch which also requires people to draw in an unbroken line.

“This is just a way to make the streets my own,” Maughan proudly says.

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