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Spider-Man: Far From Home Has Peter Parker in a New Suits


Spider-Man: Far From Home Has Peter Parker in a New Suits

Smells like new car and more.

As a teenager who gets to become a superhero and mentored by the late one and only Iron-Man, Tony Stark, Peter Parker has pretty much the live most people could only dream of. At least, in his universe and even so, he’d need a vacation.

And the newest installment from MCU for Spider-Man has got just what he needed. A vacation, supervillains, and of course, new suits!

Im Going Vacation GIF - ImGoing Vacation Relax GIFs
We probably recognize this suit the most that Tony Stark designed for him in Infinity War.

During the major chaos Thanos’ henchmen stirred up in New York, Spider-Man was hitchhiking on a spaceship heading to the outer space. Peter Parker is a lot of things, but one thing he can’t do is breath without oxygen, so Tony Stark gave him this cool suit that comes with metal spider legs or more commonly known as the Iron Spider Suit.

We’ll be seeing Peter Parker in suits that are different from what we usually see, however, in the new movie screening this July.

Climb Gotta Go GIF - Climb GottaGo ImLeaving GIFs
The classic look

His usual spandex suit has blue and red colors, but the in Far From Home, the first new suit that people might notice would be this.

What Whats Happening GIF - What WhatsHappening ComingIn GIFs
The stealth suit.

Okay, so first of all, people sometimes mistook the black suit that Spider-Man wear with the symbiote suit. Rather than suit, it’s actually a type of parasite that copies Spider-Man’s abilities and wants to use him as a host. You will all have known this story to be the similar ‘villain’ faced by Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man.

This new ‘Stealth Suit’ is designed by Nick Fury and the main purpose is clear; to appear stealthy. If the Spider-Man swings in red and blue, it’s a great way to tell everyone that you are around. But with the new cool black suit, Spider-Man has an easier way in spying and hiding behind the darkness of the night.

Homecoming had Peter Parker excited to become more than just a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. But Tony Stark, within the short remainder of time he had, taught Peter than it’s more than just swinging around the building and kicking asses. He also taught Peter to become more than what he is with a suit. And those lessons are going to be put to the test in the new movie. Peter Parker’s new stealth suit has less tech and more stealth.

And his other suit is…

Flying Arrive GIF - Flying Arrive Approaching GIFs
Le flying spider on his way

Okay, so, nobody actually knows how he appears in the new red-and-black suit. There are a lot of possibilities and it could be to replace his blue-and-red that was torn in previous battles. It could be because it comes with new tech that allows Peter to move around when there aren’t enough skyscrapers for him to swing around.

Excited, aren’t we? We’ll definitely know more about this suit when the movie hits the theater on July 5, 2019.

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