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Taco Makeup Is The New Internet Craze


Taco Makeup Is The New Internet Craze

Why it’s gotta be taco?

People have the weirdest ways of showing their passion. Currently, there is this viral makeup called ‘taco makeup’ and the name itself is sending shivers down our body. Why are beauty influencers choosing this Mexican food as the base of their makeup ideas?

Is taco bad? Do I hate that food? Or do I hate Mexico? No, nothing about Mexico is wrong and nothing about the taco is wrong. It’s just that mixing food with makeup, while it’s not a new thing to be heard of, is weird. While these people do a remarkably great job at drawing tacos, that’s not the point.

The fact that people can literally see tacos above your eyes is already weird. But hey, it’s a free country and there is nothing in the Bible that says, “Thou shalt not draw taco on your eye for it is a sin.”

#TeamTaco shouts frantic worships to this art.

Instagram | @x0mandaa

The eyes are taco-shaped. Look at this lady, killing it! (at least she didn’t draw a taco)

YouTube | Frances Jay

Mom wishes I do makeup. I’ll show her this next time.

Instagram | @pyroquinn

“I batted my taco eyelids seductively at my husband hoping he would find me irresistible and want to take a bite out of me. Did it work? Yeah, not so much.”

Instagram | @byclaudya

Beauty and the taco beast. In one.

Instagram | @avantgeek

Yep, she should go back to writing and leave makeup to her professional.

Glad we’re past that. Now, onto the next weird thing.

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