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The First Meme Website Ever, YTMND, Has Permanently Shut Down

You’re The Man Now Dog dot com was one of the pioneers that allowed the meme world flourish. Can you imagine our world without these creative and brave heroes? YTMND has been inaccessible since Monday and it quickly gained buzz across forums.

YTMND is famous for content generation that involves looping videos of tiled objects or animated GIFs. It usually comes with a short background music as well.

Max Goldberg was the man behind YTMND and set up site in July 6, 2001. The line “You’re the man now, dog,” comes from Sean Connor’s line in Finding Forrester from 2001.

Goldberg first registered the name YTMND in 2004, after 3 years of success and profit making. They gave birth to some of the earliest memes, such as Captain Jean-Luc Piccard jam and Doesn’t Change Facial Expressions.

The sites became very popular and with that, more content is being uploaded than ever. Goldberg was soon exhausted keeping everything in order, from policing child pornography, death threats, etc. to keeping the community ‘healthy’.

Goldberg soon faced health issues and the site’s revenue began to drop. He left the site on 2014 while it keeps running until earlier this week. What started out as something he loves to do turned into a place he hates to hang around for long. Nevertheless, Goldberg doesn’t completely despise his creation based on his commentary 3 years ago, “I’ve moved on too. I don’t have much interest in the site beyond it being good memories.”

But while the site is completely down, there is always a way to go back and reminisce the old days. They have archived the whole site and it will be available soon.

Thank you, Goldberg, YTMND, and everyone else who has contributed trashy, hilarious, and lovable content. We will post for Goldberg’s update on the archive! For now, you can look back to best of all times here:



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