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The Muppets Comedy Series Reboot Scrapped at Disney +

Disney + has revealed its change of heart as regards its proposed newly scripted Muppet series.

The makers of ‘Once Upon a Time’ Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis who collaborated with the creator of ‘frozen’ have decided to walk away from their scripted comedy series titled ‘Muppets Live Another Day’ which they have been working on for several months since February.

The ideological variation arose from the recent change in Muppets Studio’s executives. The creators of the series have been working on what was to be known as the eight-episode of events following the previous ‘Muppets Take Manhattan’.

Both Horowitz and Kitsis had been collaborating directly with Muppets Vice President Debbie McClellan on the production for a while. Nonetheless, McClellan recently left Disney and David Lightbody was appointed as the new Vice President of The Muppets Studio by Disney CEO Bob Iger.

This switch in the executive sparked up some differences in the view of how the new Muppet series should be produced as the new VP Lightbody opted to make his own addition and contributions to the new Muppet series.

Instead of having what has been created and scripted for several months edited by the new VP, Kitsis, Horowitz, and Gad decided to take a bow and walk away from the Muppets Studio. However, the choice of retooling the proposed Muppets show will not affect the unscheduled short-form series that was revealed by Disney+ at D23 last month.

The scrapping of the Muppets will, however, mark the second time the studio has abandoned shows in recent times. The Disney villain’s series ‘Book of Enchantment was also recently abandoned by the studio.

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