This Pillow Ends ‘Numb Arm’ While Spooning And When Hubby Is Fast Asleep

You’re lying in bed, cuddling with your partner and then the dead arm emerges. One of the biggest incidents, no relationship prays for. If you have ever experienced the abnormal sensation of numbness, you will very much understand the above statement.

Very common with side-sleeper, an arm curled under a pillow can strike a vicious ‘numb arm’ cycle throughout the entire night, most especially as an entire weight of the body is rest on the arm.  

And not only is your partner crushing their arm under the pillow with their weight, but they won’t be able to move since they’ve fallen asleep as well.

Not to worry, fear not the spooning, the Coodle pillow is here.

A company, popularly called Coodle is now selling a curved ‘Coodle Pillow’ that takes the extra weight off your arm when sleeping.  Its curved bridge shape fits on top of the arm while granting your partner an edge to rest his or her head-on. It gives you the ultimate cuddlefest with your partner.

Sold on Amazon for $49, the product description reads: “This tunnel-shaped pillow is designed to prevent pressure, numbness, and pain on the limbs while sleeping or resting. Inside each pillow is four arched plastic braces. These supports serve to block any weight from pressing against an arm or leg.”

The Pillow has a 5-Star Rating.

The description added: “Can be with a partner and alone. It’s a brilliant support for side sleepers, watching TV, cuddling, reading, or using electronic devices. Accordingly, it’s great for camping and for road trips.”

Surprisingly, the product has a romantic origin.

An unnamed man who has an Industrial Arts Degree came up with the idea for the Coodle Pillow. His girlfriend was lying on his arm and afterward tried out different pro types by molding and baking them in an oven.

Easton Hughes

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