Top Best Online Streaming Sites to Watch Events & Broadcasts

Undoubtedly, streaming online is one of the popularly known activities that occupy a significant number of internet users. Be it music concerts, TV programs, sport events and even news report, people now watch them live on the web, although either for free or paid.

Aside this, social media sharing features are equally available, you can now embed video and share it on Facebook, Twitter or to even your blog. Thus, if you are ready to live stream for the first time, check out the following websites.

IBM Cloud Video

Formerly known as Ustream, IBM Cloud Video is a great cloud based live streaming and hosting platform.

Google Hangout

This is one of the best voice and video conversations platform for influencers to either discuss live or host webinars.


Netflix is one of the most famous subscription-based streaming services that also offer online streaming of films and television programs. It has also added a live streaming service that allows viewers to watch live sport events among others.

Vaughn Live

Vaughn Live is a social broadcast and entertainment site where viewers can live stream video and make new friends.


Another live streaming platform that allows you to broadcast live video, share experiences as well meet new people and places is BeLive. Essentially, it has three broadcasting modes such as solo, interview and talk show for multi-guests.

Facebook Live

With Facebook live, users with associated Facebook profile and pages can make a broadcast and reach a large audience across the world.

Instagram Live Video

Just like Facebook Live, Instagram users can also share a live video with their followers. However, the video can not be stored on Instagram even while the live session is over.

YouTube Live

This is the most popular video sharing site that provides users with features of a high quality live streaming service.


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