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Weeping Elephants Carry The Body Of A Calf In Heart-Wrenching ‘Funeral Procession’

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Weeping Elephants Carry The Body Of A Calf In Heart-Wrenching ‘Funeral Procession’

The grieving herd heading to the calf’s final resting place.

Weeping elephants Carry The body of a calf in heart-breaking ‘funeral procession

The tale of the Elephant’s Graveyard is one where an old elephant detach itself from the group to await death in its own grave. However, what if the dead elephant is still a calf?

In this video taken by an Indian Foreign Service forest ranger, Parveen Kaswan, we see a heartbreaking moment when adult elephants bring a dead calf to its final resting place.

Grieving elephants have been seen carrying the body of a dead calf across a road, in scenes reminiscent of a 'funeral procession'. (Pictured) An elephant, possibly the mother, is seen carrying the corpse across the road

Elephants live long lives and because of that, they form very strong bonds with their herd. It’s also known that when a member of the herd dies, the group shows mourning signs towards the dead body. However, scientists are still debating whether this is truly the case.

She is then followed by a group of at least eight other elephants as they cross into a different area of the undergrowth

The presumable mother of the dead calf was seen carrying the body across the street, but drop it at the sidewalk and stopped on her track. Then, a few moments later her pack appears and there were at least 8 other elephants joining in with her.

As the pack moves into the undergrowth, she began picking up the body and walked again.

After putting down the body for a short period of time, the elephant that is possibly its mother then picks up the calf again and carries it back into the undergrowth
The video was shared on Twitter by Indian Foreign Service forest ranger Parveen Kaswan

He also added, “Funeral procession of the weeping elephants carrying the dead body of the child elephant. The family just don’t want to leave the baby behind.”

There were details on how the calf died. But it was surely fascinating to see that despite their nature of being animals, they share the same grievance as we do. Crowds are also seen standing on the sidelines, observing the sad departure of the dead calf.

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