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What/If Netflix Revealed Some Shocking Twist in Season 1


What/If Netflix Revealed Some Shocking Twist in Season 1


Have you finished watching watching What/If, yet? No? Then, you will be stopped right here because there is one hell of a twist from season 1 after this.

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Okay, so some people have been wondering how did Renée Zellweger agree to sign for a main role in the show. Mike Kelley, screenwriter of What/If is ready to reveal why now since all episodes are out on May 24.

At episode 9, a big revelation gave the show a big twist. The episode was titled ‘WTF’ and wtf indeed, because Zellweger’s character, Anne Montgomery was the birth mother of Lisa Ruiz-Donovan, played by Jane Levy.

Kelley talked about the twist on episode 9, “It was a big reason, I think, why Renee signed on. It occurred to me that there wasn’t any female version of Darth Vader out there. Like, ‘Come rule the galaxy with me’.”

She made sure that all her actors know what they are working for and that everyone is on the same page.

The last episode showed Lisa who finally seemed to have managed to take down her birth mother, Anne. Anne, who was adamant about giving her daughter a (toxic) lesson of resilience, looked as if she’d killed herself and left a suicide message on her Twitter account.

Then, bam, she’s actually ordering a cup of gin martini possibly somewhere in Spain, living the same prosperous and luxurious life she had always been. She made her choice and maybe, that wasn’t death after all.

Season 2 renewal status is still pending and we’ll only know whether the season will continue the earliest early of July.

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