Who Will Mysterio Be in Spider-Man: Far From Home?

A few eyebrows were raised when the new Spider-Man trailer reveals Mysterio in action. Mysterio comes from Earth of another universe and from the trailer, it looks like the guy is fighting another enemy due to a multiverse-hole being summoned after the catastrophic snap of the Infinity Stones.

What is really intriguing is that he is not just depicted to be a guy with superpowers, but he’s fighting the villain and giving Peter Parker a pep talk. Those are the two things that Mysterio shouldn’t be doing because: a) he’s a supervillain for Spider-Man in numerous series and b) *beep*.

Okay, for all of you who are so curious of the first movie for Phase 4 of MCU, you cannot tread this uncharted area without spoiling Endgame. The ban was lifted ages ago, but we want to respect your happiness. So…

The story will revolve around Peter Parker whose vacation is jeopardized with Nick Fury in need of a friendly hero to save the world again. With Iron Man gone, and obviously his first choice to fight an enemy (or enemies) from another universe, Spider-Man is up next.

But the boy is still a boy inside; he is grieving, shy, awkward around Zendaya’s MJ, and still needs a lot more seriousness in fights with less pop culture reference in between his dialogues. But hey, he’s been to space, right?

Then, comes Mysterio who’s from the same other-universe.

Marvel confirms that the real villains in Far From Home are the four elemental ‘Gods’ which explains the multiple appearances of giant, swirling sand, water, and other natural essences. We can be sure of this because it’s Tom Holland speaking during CCXP and so, Mysterio is not the villain.

Or is he? Mysterio is never portrayed as a hero in the comics and his motivation most of the time is to become famous by killing superheroes. Although, in this story, he mentions his job to be keeping the elementals and other evil forces at bay to protect the world.

But there’s one thing we can be sure and that is the next MCU series won’t be having Mysterio as a villain. At least, for now.


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