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Spider-Man: Far From Home Has Plot Holes And Lack Of Essence That Made ‘Avengers’ Relevant


Spider-Man: Far From Home Has Plot Holes And Lack Of Essence That Made ‘Avengers’ Relevant

It was a good movie, overall, but could have been much better.

I still remember watching the first-ever ‘Avengers Assemble’ and how it felt extremely gratifying for the whole franchise. It neatly brought together heroes of different background and realm and stories together. Like a well-brewed potion that instantly sends me into the edge of my seat.

‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ was definitely far from that one home. While Peter Parker has always been that comedic relief character, the image of him dusted off in ‘Infinity War’ made into one of the most heartbreaking scenes ever in the history of Marvel, following Tony Stark’s and on par with Black Widow’s.

But I didn’t feel satisfied walking out of the theater even when I try to justify it. Peter Parker was still that cute little boy who’s trying hard to grow after the gone of his only mentor in the superhero world. But the scriptwriters of the movie was actually not let into much of Endgame’s script.

Yes, they did get the major plots – Tony Stark died, most people came back, etc. But it lacked the fact that EDITH was not mentioned at all during the Endgame. And Quentin Beck exists on Earth-616 (Beck got this wrong as the world Marvel Studio build their franchise on is Earth-199999) as one of Stark’s highly recognized engineer.

Oh, don’t forget that ‘Thor: The Dark World’ does hide this very subtle 616 Universe on the blackboard Selvig was sketching.

Check the trailer below to refresh your mind.

Which means, if the theory of multiverse exists, then it shouldn’t be hard for fake Nick Fury and Maria Hills to just order a quick background check on this man. You know, just to make sure he’s not the same dude who claims to be a hero from Earth-833.

Not to mention it’s already 2023. Why is the Earth still the same lousy planet that is never ready for extraterrestrial, or in this case, inter-dimensional attacks? It wouldn’t be an overkill to evacuate the whole city when you have literally myth-level threat looming over it. It wouldn’t hurt to throw a few missiles on the process and possibly destroy several drones in the process.

That will make this whole movie less gratifying, but that’s the existing risk when you try so hard to make a con-artist into a fake ally for half of the movie.

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