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Woman Keeps Getting Told She Looks Younger Than She Is Says It’s Thanks To Fairies


Woman Keeps Getting Told She Looks Younger Than She Is Says It’s Thanks To Fairies

She is also helping people through fairies on top of that.

We’ve all had a thing or two of the fairytale stories we were read to sleep that we believed until a little bit later. Some of us believed in Santa Claus, some think the monster under their bed is real. But this woman never grew out of one of them – in fact, she knows it’s real.

Flavia Peters has been complimented to looking younger than she actually is, which is 50 years old.

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Flavia talks about her newly found mission, “I’m 50 now – though much older in fairy years – but people always tell me I look younger. I am sure it’s because I work with fairy energy. I can see and communicate with them, and now I am on a mission to bring back some of that folklore magic of ages-old to the rest of the world.”

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Flavia first saw a fairy that age of three,  “I was crawling along outside and got to this oak tree which had a little door in it. I peered in and saw this tiny flash of light. Even then, I was sure it was a fairy. It was mesmerizing.”

Flavia was a spiritual kid who believes deeply in nature. At that age, she would venture out to the woodland with food to coax out fairies, “Fairies love sweet things, so I’d leave chocolate or bread dipped in honey. It’s a two-way exchange – if you leave them a gift, then they will, in return, do something for you.”

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She didn’t know fairies is something that not everyone can see and even a myth in public. At the age of 11, she brought a boy to go fairy hunting who ended up teasing her relentlessly. She stopped caring out of embarrassment but began exploring the magical world at her thirties.

She was drawn to a book with the title of angels, felt empowered and began using it to help others.

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“Everyone is different in the way they connect to the fairy realm. Some can hear them, some can see them and some can even feel them. I don’t see fairies every day – they are shy, and not happy with what humans have done to the planet.

But to catch a physical glimpse, it is important to go at certain times, like dawn and dusk, or certain locations like places with ancient trees. On camera, they look like little green orbs, but in person, they all look different, just in the same way that people look different too.”

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“Fairies really appreciate it when people are custodians of the planet. Pick up a bit of litter and they will love you. If you do something for them, you will get some fairy magic in return.

“Once, I was chasing a piece of litter around for ages as it kept getting picked up by the wind. Eventually, it landed on a silver bracelet on the ground, which I know was a gift to say thank you.

“Another time, I was cleaning up some broken glass in a park as I was worried about animals stepping on it. It took a while to do, and when I finished, I looked over to a tree nearby and a leprechaun had materialized, looking exactly as they do in books, with little green tights.”

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Flavia has been married for 12 years and her husband is very supportive of what she does. She also understands that not many people have the same eyes and beliefs as her and is always careful in bringing up the subject. But she is definitely zealous in order to be able to bring the folklore back alive.

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And here’s a love spell she uses!

Light a pink candle when the moon is full.

Face the direction of south and say:

“Flowers of pink, crystals of rose, bring me new romance, so I will not close,

my beautiful heart, for I’m longing to share,  

compassion and kindness, to be gentle and fair.

Desires recognised, I wish to ignite,

my passionate dreams so that I might,

attract beauty and love into my world.

May deep the love mystery now be unfurled

To bring about romance, kisses, and laughter

And be of my heart, happily ever after

Attraction shines brightly, it fills up my heart

Love now surrounds me, ne’er to depart.”

Blow out the candle and direct the smoke of extinguished flame over your heart center and say:

“This spell of love is made and done.

Thanks to the Fae, with harm to none.”

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