Woman Who Went Gray ‘Overnight’ At Age 21 Says She Feels Sexier Than Ever At 43

Sara Eisenman, 21, panicked when she looked in the mirror one morning. Her hair had gone partly white overnight. At such a young age when she’s supposed to be brimming with health and youth, her hair is showing signs of aging.

Sara is 43 now and her hair has gone completely white, or should we say to be more precisely, silver. The neuroscientist has been battling with her white hair by dying them every fortnight. She was scared to let people know that she has white hair at the ripe age of 21.

But look at her now! Feeling and looking fabulous!

The author and neuroscientist, Sara Eisenman, didn’t like her white hair when she was 21.

This was her who would diligently dye her hair completely black to conceal her white hair.

Sara Eisenman was completely focused on keeping her hair dyed black until she had her first daughter, Naomi who is now 11. She began to embrace her white-silver hair because there are so many more important things than the natural color of her hair.

She had only begun to stop dying her hair 4 years ago when she was 37. Sara considers her hair as crown and sure enough, her hair turns grey in a matter of days. What did her husband think?

Hanan, 45, fully supported his wife’s decision to focus into more important aspects in life instead of her hair. Many of Sara’s friends advised against her wishes, saying that she’s look old, like a witch. But it didn’t take long for her to show them otherwise.

“To disguise this evidence I took to coloring my hair very aggressively every two weeks, with a slew of other products – powders, hair crayons, etc. – to disguise the roots in between dying,” Sara explained her battle.

Sara with Abe on her left and Naomi on her right as she began to get her priorities right.

“My hair turned almost entirely silver, literally overnight, at the age of 21. I went to the mirror one day to find that silver hair was emerging from the roots all over my head,” Sara on recalling the day her hair turned silver overnight.

“It was seen by me as a startling marker of aging at a time when I was supposed to be in the height of youth.”

Sara, now feeling better and more beautiful than ever.

“I could not afford to go to a salon so I would use cheap box dye.”

Sara is turning 44 this September and she could never be prouder of her looks. After letting her hair to turn silver while she takes care of her children, Sara, instead of aging, felt like she was regaining all those younger years lost to dying her hair.

Sara was a slave to the dye box to the point that she dyed her hair hours before labor just to appear with freshly dyed black hair in front of her family and friends. But that was probably the last time she had the chance to be so diligent about dyeing.

“At that time I was still trying to “fit in” to myriad social structures – extended family, the clique of moms at my kids’ school – that I knew would be kerfuffled by my blatant silver roots and what was bound to be a very awkward transition from fully dyed black hair, to blazing silver.

“When I confided my decision to friends, I was told how much it would age me, and that I would look like a ‘witch’.”

“Yet I knew very steadfastly in my heart that these stereotypes would prove completely incorrect, and I never touched a bottle of dye again.”

“I also used this as an opportunity for a radical total self-rebirth, which manifested in myriad ways. First, I started wearing the clothing I always wanted to wear, in new color palates, playing with new makeup shades, using all manner of scarfs, headbands, and messy up-dos to dance with the line of demarcation between old and new ‘me’.”

“Thus while I found myself shunned by some of the snobby moms and other judgmental people in my life during more transition, I was coming more alive and having more fun than ever.”

Sara and Naomi with beautifully contrasting hair color.

Sara went to the saloon to get rid of her black dye.

They said she’d look like a witch. Well, she’s definitely bewitched many with her captivating hair-crown.

“Very few people know that silver hair actually has a natural brilliance and magic to it, that is only dulled and deadened with dye. It was an amazing experience.”

As she got rid of dye boxes and let her natural silver hair grow, she started to see the beauty of it as sun rays reflected themselves on her hair. “It would sparkle,” she added. And instead of being called a witch, Sara is being praised by so many other women thanks to her beautiful hair.

She saw the beauty of letting go and instead of dwelling in what other people have to say, she embraces her own happiness.

“I am acutely aware that my hair challenges a lot of people. I get myriad compliments every time I leave the house; also occasional sideways glances, blatant stares, people wanting to touch my hair in awe, and more.

“And I also feel that not perhaps everyone likes it, or ‘understands’ it, or wants to do this themselves, and the best part is that it doesn’t matter what other people think at all because I am free.

“Overwhelmingly, the response is extremely, powerfully positive. I literally feel like I am liberation walking around in human form, and my hair is a crown on my head that speaks to who I am and the work I’ve done to become myself. I see so many other women lighting up in response to that energy and it’s such a breath of fresh air and a celebration. Life is essentially a great deal of fun for me these days, because of all this.

“As I approach 44 and am at the point in life where I’m supposed to be ‘declining’ due to middle age, I find myself looking, feeling, and being better than ever.”

“I am living my dreams.”

Mother-of-two, Sara Eisenman, found happiness from embracing her hair and she wants other women to feel the same.

Sara feels more ‘beautiful and sexier’ and calls this to be the true meaning of ‘ageless’.

“I am hiking daily and now beginning to ride horses for the first time in my life. I have energy and stamina I could not begin to muster at 20-something. I have healed and released the trauma of my upbringing and am raising my kids in a way that is truly whole and free. 

“My silver hair is not aging, and never was. It was all along merely a symbol of my rebirth. Imagine that I spent 15 years dutifully pouring expensive poisons on my head – terrified of who I really was – all to disguise something that was truly a gift not only to myself but many others.”

“I have published three books – including one called ‘Splendor: The Nazarite Method to (Re)growing Long, Strong, Healthy, Holy Hair’, all about my journey with silver hair and hair growth – and am writing more.”

“In embracing my silver hair, I feel more alive, more beautiful and sexier than ever in my mid-40s. My embodied philosophy is that, through every single stage of life, we don’t necessarily ‘age’ so much as we have the opportunity to continuously grow.”

Sara doesn’t think that few friends lost and society’s judgment is worth trading the freedom and stamina she’s feeling right now. She wants to feel the same at the age of 88, still embracing her beautiful silver hair and help other women feel the same.

Hadley Stewart

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