Woman Who Dated Statue Of Liberty Is Settling Down With A Chandelier

Woman, regarded as an Objectophile – who had an intimate relationship with the Statue of Liberty is currently engaged to a chandelier.

Acknowledging that the Statue of Liberty is quite big to take to bed, Amanda Liberty aged, 35, is presently in love with a 100-Year Old light fitting.

From London, Amanda started dating the 28-inch Lumiere in 2017 following numerous profound dates with inanimate objects.

After a brief fling with her new object, she discovered she was fascinated with the Chandelier and named it Lumiere.

“I didn’t just decide, “Oh I’m going to fall in love with a chandelier today. No, it just happened and it’s totally led from my heart.” Amanda explained on her Facebook page.

Amanda journey had started with a drum kit when she was 14. And by her late 20s, she went for a change of name and got matched with America’s most famous statue – The Statue of Liberty.

The 35-year-old had this chandelier tattooed on her arm

Giving herself to the structure, Amanda had used a USA flag tattooed on her right hand to celebrate her intimacy with the Statue. But their Union, however, collapsed in 2016 when the avid Disney fan decided they’ll be better as friends than a couple.

Due to the challenges faced via a long-distance relationship, Amanda recent romance begun with the Live-Action Version of Beauty and The Beast in 2017.

Amanda home is filled with light fittings and lamps and regularly has sexually charged dreams about her lightning.

Amanda then decides to purchase Candelabra and named it after the singing character, played by Ewan McGregor. And after a brief fling with her new object, she discovered she was fascinated with the Chandelier and named it Lumiere.

Liberty posts about her relationships online and was once in a relationship with the Statue of Liberty 

‘I don’t even entirely understand it myself, but I still agree to it as part of who I am. My chandeliers make me so happy and full of joy and completely fulfilled.’ Amanda further explained on Facebook.

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