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Wonder Woman 84’ Poster Debut Diana New Armor


Wonder Woman 84’ Poster Debut Diana New Armor

The costume arrived coming for fan throats.

Wednesday 5th June, makes it exactly a year before the premiere of Wonder Woman 1984. Gal Gadot has however, found a rainbow connection.

Posted on Twitter late Wednesday, the director Patti Jenkins revealed the first official poster for the Wonder Woman Sequel and it’s the most colorful thing in the DC Extended Universe.

The poster witnessed Gadot wearing a Gold Armor on a background of 80s neon colors. Indeed, it got fans talking!!

Compared with robot Maria in the silent classic Metropolis.

Seen as a welcome departure from existing DC film universe usual color palette, it is also a coincidence that DC dropped the rainbow colored Wonder Woman poster during the Pride Month.

However, the sequel to 2017’s Wonder Woman discovers Diana Prince getting pulled into the Cold War during the Reagan Era and heading up against a new villain known as Cheetah (Kristen Wiig).   

Wonder Woman love interest towards Steve Trevor, known as Chris Pine also did appear in the 80’s set story, despite seeming to have died in the World War 1 saga.

That being said,  the costume arrived coming for fan throats. Wonder Woman 1984’ will however be in the theaters on June 2020 – 364days from now. Are You Ready!!!

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