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Prince Harry & Meghan Support For LGBTO+ Community, American Organizations Sprout Anger On Instagram


Prince Harry & Meghan Support For LGBTO+ Community, American Organizations Sprout Anger On Instagram

Will have to adjust their future posts.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had no doubt been using their Instagram account to promote patronages and charities that they both support, and for this, fans loves that the couple does much good with their position.

However, the loved couples recently posted a photo in honor of Pride Month and have sprouted some major criticism on Instagram. Harry and Meghan had made it quite clear that they are lovable couples that supports issues concerning LGBTO+ rights, women’s right and much more.

June is Pride Month, and the couples took to Instagram to express their concern for the LGBTO+ community by highlighting 11 organizations that offer assistance for LGBTO+ people. 


Indeed, there were comments from dissatisfied fans that don’t support transgender or gay rights, but for the most part, it was an entire different topic that engendered the sprout – the 11 organizations.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex post witnessed largely American Organizations. People were however quick to notice the absence of British representation.


“Why so many US based organizations? … I would think you would try to highlight UK charities,” one user wrote. “… Only three British accounts here? I – think Meghan and Harry want to be Hollywood,” another user wrote.

“Meghan – you married into the British royal family… It is not your right to use your position to promote American interests ahead of British interests.” – This comment got over 500likes.

Many comments seems to be shooting arrows at Meghan more, as she was also accused of sticking to much to her American roots rather than accepting her new home in the United Kingdom.


“Go back to America and support their causes…90% of these are not even in Britain!” a user wrote.

With all these being said, the the couples will eventually have to adjust their future posts to reflect Great Britain a bit more.

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