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Wooden Laptops Now Produced By HP


Wooden Laptops Now Produced By HP

Extremely innovative, attractively superb.

If you are seeking for a laptop with quality and natural materials, you might have to check out HP new offerings.  In 2018, HP had launched a fancy leather clad HP Spectre Folio and now it is embracing wood for its new brand – the Envy Laptops.

The wood used in beautifying these laptops is carved from Inlay wood and the Envy x360 13, Envy x360 15, Envy 13 and Envy 17 are all to have the timber-ish livery, which would be available in Nightfall Black with Natural Walnut, Natural Silver with Pale Birch and Ceramic White with White Birch. Out of all these, the natural walnuts remains the only one that looks like wood so far.

These laptops are however same as the recently announced metal version up for sale, but can now be purchase with a latest Intel Core processor or a 2nd generation AMD Ryzen processors.

Specifically, none of these Envy Laptops include wood on the outside. The only part that is covered in wood is the trackpad and the palm rest on bothsides. Attractively, you get to see the wood design when the laptop is open. It becomes invisible once closed.

Available When? How Much?

The new HP Envy Wooden Laptops will be available this summer for purchase. Waterballoon will give an update shortly. Similarly, the price for each of these laptops have not been announced. So, Wait for it!!

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