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Xiaomi New Smartphone Design Will Feature Solar Panels And Change The Way We Charge


Xiaomi New Smartphone Design Will Feature Solar Panels And Change The Way We Charge

Imagine just texting outdoor under the sun gets you a charged phone.

Xiaomi is upping their game not with better cameras as most giant smartphone brands have been doing. The strategy that they have been preparing since last year is finally leaked to the public.

LetsGoDigital uncovered a unique design from Xiaomi featuring a bezeless smartphone with dual rear camera and a huge part of its back case covered with solar panels.

A physical front camera is nowhere to be seen nor does it seem like the top part of the phone can pop and neither does the availability of a headphone jack is seen. The Chinese company has teased the possibility of using an under-screen camera before, so we’ll probably see this being implemented in this phone.

But we’re certainly interested in figuring out how the solar panel works and how fast it charges. Back in 2010, LG released a back cover PCB-100 that has solar panel charging capability. But 10 minutes of charging can only last you 2 minutes of talk time and not to mention the heat that will definitely make using your smartphone uncomfortable.

But that is almost a decade ago and seeing how solar panels and energy harvesting have become much more efficient today, Xiaomi will definitely come with something better. Xiaomi applied for a design patent to WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office) on July 27, 2018, for solar cell module equipped smartphones.

This move, while bringing many concerns over battery life from overheating, is in line with their long-time effort to become ‘green’. While most non-Chinese brands such as Apple and Dutch Fairphone have remained as top brands for being environmentally-conscious, Chinese brands aren’t. Xiaomi would definitely gain if they manage to pull this one properly.

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