Young Artist Makes Hypperealistic Pencil Drawing Of Kevin Hart And The Comedian Reaches Out On Twitter Offering To Buy It

The world is full of talent and, you will see this phrase a lot but we can’t stop using it, thanks to the Internet, it’s so possible for a young Nigerian artist to reach out to Kevin Hart. He is not just a fanboy who loves to draw – he’s a super talented fanboy who drew an incredibly surreal pencil art of Kevin Hart’s portrait. He didn’t have fancy drawing tools and now he has over 18k followers on his Twitter account @EWaduba.

With the full name Eli Waduba Yusuf, this young artist can really bring a smile to our face and gives us a pleasant surprise because it just felt right for him to gain all those fame, attention and opportunities. His talent deserves to be acknowledged and allows him to live the life that he loves.

Nigeria was not a country famous for its art, unlike the European countries. But recently, a row of talented young artists have risen to fame, such as Ken Nwadiogbu who specializes in realistic pencil drawings that focus on eyes. Eli, on the other hand, shows his ability in drawing portraits that are so real you thought they were photographs.

This Twitter post received almost 70k likes on Twitter was retweeted more than 20k times as people were trying to get Kevin Hart to see this. The actor who played in Jumanji saw his works and retweeted his works with high praises. Kevin Hart was Eli’s favorite comedian and now, he is Eli’s commissioner. Yes, Kevin Hart asked for three more portraits to be drawn! It’s definitely a once-in-a-lifetime chance for Eli!

Kevin was incredibly pleased and praised the talented boy!

The single enthusiastic post by Eli became a hit as everyone was showing support to his works. Everyone gathered as one to get Eli his big debut and who would have known that Kevin Hart would actually went around asking for his contact information and actually commissioned him for more?

Nigeria is not a well-off country, but with over 70% of youngsters than make up the population, it’s a country rich with talented young people. These people are waiting to be discovered and the Internet as well as social media has made it possible for these people to be noticed. They can share their works – drawing, writing or even speaking skills – to social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. They now have the chance to pursue their hobbies!

Maybe Eli was just a fanboy who wants to be noticed by his favorite actor. And he knew he did his best at that hyperrealism pencil drawing of Kevin Hart. He wants Kevin to see what he’s done for him and people were absolutely mind-blown to see such an incredible work done. It was just hard to not tap on that retweet button to give Eli the attention he deserves.

Eli appreciates all the love he’s received.

The twitter battalion was quick to support Eli’s work with a few retweets


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