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YouTube Changes How Subscriber Counts Are Displayed, Effective From August


YouTube Changes How Subscriber Counts Are Displayed, Effective From August

Instagram and Twitter thinks of same line of action.

YouTube has announced it’s introducing a major change in the way subscriber counts on its platform are displayed. This is, envisaged would affect or prevent analytics sites from actively reporting if creators are gaining or losing more subscribers.

In three months from now instead of seeing a YouTuber’s subscriber count reading 11,500,000, it will be reflected as 11million flat.  This might not affect or be a major change for individuals who didn’t invest and earn from the platform, but crucially subscriber counts are essential.

Although, a blog post obtained from the YouTube team acknowledged the importance of subscribers count, but stated that the change is being instituted to establish more consistency everywhere. While channels already have this display function, the YouTube’s product teams still want to make it uniform.

Why Is YouTube Doing This?

To discourage fixated comparisons of certain creators’ subscriber counts — something that has become a spectator of late in the YouTube world. Once the change takes effect, channels will have their subscriber counts displayed on a sliding scale.

Who Will be Affected?

YouTube’s third parties that use the application programming interface (API) services will be affected.  Once the change is effected, they will have same public-facing subscriber counts rather than the actual numbers.

Reacting it to this change, Social Blade in a Tweet revealed that the new development “might affect their data display, but only time will tell” adding that it had reach out to YouTube for explanation.

What Other Update?

Platforms like Instagram and Twitter are also thinking of toiling same line of action. Reportedly, Instagram is considering a feature that would disable how many likes an Instagram photo receives. While Twitter is experimenting with playing down features like retweets. Ooops, it certainly an action to look out for. Nevertheless, the new subscriber count display feature will go into effect in August.

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