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10 Amazing Facts About Redheads You Never Knew Before


10 Amazing Facts About Redheads You Never Knew Before

‘Redheads don’t worry about their hair turning gray’

People around the world are different from each other with such differentiating traits being clearly visible. Such differentiating traits are seen in eye color, skin tone, height, and even hair color. These traits are carried in our human genes and passed on from parent to offspring. For instance, ever heard of the phrase “Redhead”? It is a popular term that people use for people with red hair.

Undoubtedly, the red hair looks amazing and is also considered as the desired color in many parts of the world, but red hair is also associated with mythical creatures like vampires and witches. But, keeping all the presumptions aside, Red remains one of the rarest hair colors found in humans. 

#1 Out of the total human population, only 2 percent of people, are actually born with red hair.

Rodolfo Sanches -Via

In genetics, red hair is rare because the allele for red hair is recessive and is thus dominated by other colors. Scotland and Ireland take the spot of having the greatest number of redheads in the world. The pigment of red hair is pheomelanin, which is very rare.

#2 It is very difficult to find people with red hair and blue eyes.

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The combination is extremely rare to find because blue eye color is also a recessive trait. Genetics explains that for someone to have red hair and blue eyes, their parents must be carrying that very gene. Out of the total redhead population, only 17% of the people have blue eyes. The majority have brown or hazel eyes

#3 Redheads are generally left-handed because these recessive genes come in a pair.

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Left-handedness is a recessive trait, and that is why, these two genes generally show up together, making most redheads left-handed. Interesting right?

#4 Redheads have low hair density when compared with brunettes and blondes.

Kal Loftus -Via

But the upside is, their hair is comparatively thicker, making it easy for them to be styled.

#5 Redheads are more vulnerable to hold and cold sensations.

Christopher Harris -Via

research confirms that redheads feel colder or hot compared to those with different hair color. The reason is still fairly a mystery but doctors suspect that MC1R might be over-activating the temperature detecting gene.

#6 Redheads don’t worry about their hair turning gray.

Matheus Ferrero -Via

No everyone can gladly watch and accept their hair turn gray as a natural aging process. Redheads, on the other hand, don’t have to worry about this since their hair never turns gray. Once their radiant color starts to fade, it changes into a glorious spectrum of faded copper to rosy-blonde colors, then to silvery-white.

Actress Jane Seymour is a perfect example who is 67 years old and still has reddish-brown hair.

#7 Redheads abstain from sunlight because their skin is susceptible to sunburns and UV exposure.

Šárka Jonášová -Via

This comes out to be an advantage and a disadvantage. Despite the low melanin count which translates to poor UV protection, low concentrations eumelanin allows them to produce vitamin D within their bodies even in low light conditions.

#8 There have been reports claiming that bees are more attracted to the redheads, hence redheads get stung more.

Boris Smokrovic -Via

There is no specific evidence about this. Research says that bees cannot see the color red, and hence use their sense of smell. No reports of redheads smelling different have been found.

#9 The MC1R gene is present in more than 40% Brits.

Anne-Marie Pronk -Via

If both the parents carry the gene, there are 25% chances that their offspring will have red hair, and if both the parents have red hair then the child will definitely have red hair.

#10 Redheads celebrate International Redhead Day in the Netherlands every year.

Eddy Van -Via

Redheads come from over 80 countries to Holland to celebrate the flame-haired genes. It was started in 2005 and the trait has been celebrated annually by thousands of people in a two-day event.

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