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15 Times Disappointment Hit People Like A Truck When Orders Online


15 Times Disappointment Hit People Like A Truck When Orders Online

Expectation vs. reality

There is this excitement with ordering online that doesn’t come with buying things in shops. Online shops allow us to meet suppliers directly and oftentimes, they offer things at competitive prices. The reasons people have for enjoying online shopping varies.

Some people like to be able to shop at a lower price than other shops. Some are happy because they find the thing that’s been on their craigslist for ages. And some just love the wait of the orders they’ve met after long contemplation. However, unfortunately, not all sellers are honest. Or at least, they’re not completely lying.

These 15 people were hyped for the things they ordered online and were sold upon seeing the pictures. But upon receiving the items, they were so disappointed and decided to share their experience.

1. $39 boots that supposed to have go well with a Harley.

© dominicmannphoto / reddit

2. 10 “large” stones.

© chicaburrita / reddit

3. It’s 3 euros. What should we have expected?

© Saphira2002 / reddit

4. After brushing the ‘rescue’s’ fur for 10 minutes…

© Legomywinnebago / reddit

5. Six months of wait from West Elm to get this.

© pputkowski / reddit

6. A supposedly children entertainer dressing like Alice in Wonderland.

© Joxee1 / reddit

7. It’s supposed to be a square alarm clock.

© Effectlorenor / reddit

8. House renovation went wrong.

© myravergouwe / reddit

9. The picture is so accurate none of us expected that.

© Slenderlad / reddit

10. A cardigan arrives as a sweater.

© Kvandelay / reddit

11. A romantic dinner… at the back of a burger shack with three other tables around them.

© Tmdryn / reddit

12. Packaging scheme at its best.

© grizzz9955 / reddit

13. What happened to this teddy bear?

© usernamerer / reddit

14. That must be one tiny little kid.

© Merc1201 / reddit

15. $200 light photography session to surprise 14-year-old daughter probably surprised the mother herself. Yep, those are supposed to be wings.

© Belka0806 / pikabu

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