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16 Hilarious Moments When Girls Brought Themselves Troubles


16 Hilarious Moments When Girls Brought Themselves Troubles

These girls didn’t see that coming!

Men are not the only adventurous human species – women can be too! But just like every other adventure, women find themselves caught in entangling problems they can’t seem to think out from.

These 16 girls didn’t expect their life to be met with such a mess and problem. Hilariously, they managed to take pictures and videos of those moments and we’re here to compile and share them with you!

Stay brave, girls, and never stop exploring outside your comfort zone!

“When you think you’re a Disney princess and try to feed the birds but end up getting bullied by a flock of cockatoos”

Source: GallowBoob/Reddit

“You gotta give them time to miss you” or forget you.

Source: glitering/Twitter

Feeding and teaching them fish human’s latest technology.

“I sent my kids to the store to get some snacks for themselves. My daughter got a birthday cake. For a snack.”

Source: meganbielby/Twitter

“Trying to cut your own bangs as a kid”

Source: GallowBoob/Reddit

She fell with grace. She was blessed to experience the power of the sea.

“You know that nice feeling you get when you have a good clear out and all you’ve got to do is put the rubbish in the bin? Well, I had that feeling until I got to the stairs and the handle snapped.”

Source: beeappy/Reddit

“My poor cake, not even an hour old”

Source: soft_strawbby/Reddit

Flip that hair, strike that pose, fall down that ho- Oh, wait.

Source: K1nsey6/Reddit  

“I was trying to take a picture of the lobster roll I ordered in Maine and well, this happened”

Source: RulingSports/Twitter

An engaged 3rd grader is making this lady reassessing her life.

Source: ewdatsgross/Twitter

Her hair is now light… in both sense.

Source: O-shi/Reddit

“My sis moved from England to Texas last week and didn’t think to wear any mosquito repellent at the patio bar last night.”

Source: choeg/Reddit

From 2 to 22 in 32 days.

Source: graceoliver22/Twitter

We can only ask ‘Why’.

“My dog ate my diploma!”

Source: dobbyisafreepup/Reddit

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