20 Brilliant Design Ideas That Deserve A Standing Ovation

It’s so incredible to see how creative people can find solution and imagination in a problem that we never realized existed. These particularly talented fellas show us how perspective and minor innovation can bring about the most amazing, simple creative artwork and solution to the community.

From simple problem-solving decor to illusive artwork that increases aesthetics and being functional at the same time, we can’t wait to show you them all.

Let’s start with this amazing 3D work these artists did.

3D Pedestrian crossing

© madbutcher / reddit

An angel descended to give humans the power they have always needed.

© montanagunnut / reddit

Portable water bottle.

© crajo1 / imgur

Space-saving and creative reading lounge.

© ikowain / Instagram

This vending machine is actually an entrance door.

© bessandhoneycomb / Instagram

Exercising the way it should be done.

© skyfloatx / Instagram

Grip ring.

© benvemodainsta / Instagram

Functional bin on the way to the security.

© polks / Instagram

Solar-powered bench has Wi-fi and charging socket.

© giulio_barresi / Instagram

Functional, decorative toilet paper holder.

© craigs_ecolifestyle / Instagram

Keep your half of avocado fresh longer.

© sweatyourwaytofitness / Instagram

“San Diego Airport now has a dog bathroom.”

“If you are a dog and you like to travel the Atlanta airport has an amazing dog park!”

© benvemodainsta / Twitter

Ink air: write important messages with pollution-based ink.

© air.ink / Instagram

Giant cup holder for giant cups.

© adequ8 / Instagram

Antalya Airport has a shark that eats your luggage. Metaphorically.

© nadine_fedorova / Instagram

This cat-person backpack made for every kitty that deserves a comfortable travel.

© michellebocklage / Instagram

‘Green wall’ allows greenery wall decor while reducing pollution.

Meanwhile this ‘green wall’ in a theater in Goa…

© sangeetakalaskar / Instagram

Or this new hangout spot for youngsters in Shanghai called ‘Urban Bloom’

© estudiodaes / Instagram

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