These 23 Extraordinary Design Ideas Will Help You Nail Your Next Home Renovation

Undoubtedly, there’s no place like home and that truly rings anytime we walk into our home. Right from the indoor hammock to the falling cubes on our toilet floor, many houses still deserves some of the most amazing home designs we never knew we needed. 

Sincerely, as much as we love our homes, we all truly wish we can do something about our home, like turning it into the desired place we will never depart from.

So, here we at Waterballoon have some ideas that we discovered across the internet. Some are quite easy to do while few require a professional touch for smooth results.

Shockingly, you don’t really need to spend billions or the fanciest gadgets invented to get the desired dream home. All you just need is little earning and much effort. Simple and short! You’re done! Boom.

#1 The hammock you never knew you wanted. The best place for a nap

© -Via

#2 Here’s how to never be bored about your office room 

© Travis Price Architects -Via

#3 Looking forward to the beach in summer? Go no further!


#4 Install a new aquarium and make the staircase a safe place to commute.

© Ihavenoideawhatishappening/ imgur -Via

#5 Live the dream.

© thegadgetflow -Via

#6 A good space for your dog’s bedroom.

© The Rodimels -Via

#7 Build the secret room you have always desired.

© hidden_passageway -Via

#8 If you have space to spare, re-arrange your bathroom into a steam room.

© Patmos Aktis Suites & Spa -Via

#9 Remember to warn your visitors before they visit the restroom

© fayeredd / imgur -Via

#10 The Medieval design with hints of witchcraft

© Ancient Art of Stone -Via

#11 This table will make your living room look alike.

© itsjohnfoster -Via

#12 The skateboard house every skater imagines.

© gautamsinghania99 -Via

#13 Turn your old bicycle to a sink.

© benjamincollection -Via

#14 Turn your storage space under the staircase.

© KreativitaAlnspiracia / facebook -Via

#15 The tree house we have always dreamed of.

© Simes Studios -Via

#16 Creating these illusions will encourage mood change.

© elleynad/imgur -Via

#17 Bring in the night’s cloud lit by moonlight.

© skot/imgur -Via

#18 This must be how the Atlantians bedroom looks like.

© dittidot/ imgur -Via

#19 How about an aquarium as your coffee table?

© iam4real/ reddit -Via

#20 This is easy as using stained glass for the doors.

© Studio Armin Blasbichler -Via

#21 Pirate training with kids!

© Kuhl Design Build LLC -Via

#22 A dreamy reading space that cast your kids into the magical land.

© radamshome / imgur -Via

#23 The Wood log table

© John Houshmand -Via

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