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20 Couples With A Great Sense Of Humor That Will Inspire Any Relationship


20 Couples With A Great Sense Of Humor That Will Inspire Any Relationship

Falling in love is not all rose and candlelight dinner. And not everyone shows their love in the form of romantic gifts and actions. Staying in a fight is not something they do well because they could barely contain their inner push to just pull a joke that will definitely cool down things. They know and love each other well enough

And as much as they want to joke about themselves, their relationship or even their partner, you can be sure as hell it simply shows the love they both have for each other.

Wife’s face on wedding picture vs. when meeting Rob Lowe.


And the Internet does its magic as usual, by comparing Rob Lowe’s wife face on the other side.

TOM/LNC/Capital Pictures/EAST NEWS

Father confirmed.


Girlfriend about wanting to get a picture of Jeff Goldblum from Jurassic Park and got this huge painting four months later on her birthday by boyfriend.


Clearly unhappy partner trying to torture you.


“My wife managed to capture the least manly shot of me launching fireworks.”


This perfect baby shot of mom running out of frame.


“Check out what my boyfriend made me!”


Pillow-gift for girlfriend turns out as something less than that.


Boyfriend had an extension clip ‘unattended’ on him and he looks ready for anything.


Husband doesn’t want a cat. Wife wants. Glad to know wife still wins arguments because husband couldn’t have been happier for it.


Wife wakes up at 3am for breastfeeding, asks for apple with peanut butter dip.


An otherwise beautiful picture. Sad to see that cat in a horrible state.


Retired couple still having fun pranking each other!


“Let’s get married in a bounce house!” she said.


He wanted something different for the proposal. No flower petals, but lots of bubbles.


Midnight trip will definitely wake you up with this lint roller refill hanging instead of toilet tissue.


This illustration for girlfriend’s Valentine’s Day gift.


She definitely knows what he needs.

Husband was left with editing task but he didn’t feel like it.


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