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20 Designs Depict What Happen When You Employ Unhappy People As Designers


20 Designs Depict What Happen When You Employ Unhappy People As Designers

They weren’t meant to make you happy.

To design is something that not everyone is gifted with. Apparently, we have pictures to show just how seriously hilarious it can get. Imagine that you own or encounter just one of them – the enlightenment that you get is so priceless.

These are 20 designs that might have seemed okay in a glance but pose serious questions if the designers were particularly mad or something. Because these are certainly things we would be avoiding if possible.

This cute soap got skinned.

© cprivetom / pikabu

That swan has seen things.

© Len04ka22 / pikabu

Fashion needs to stop.

© girolski07 / reddit

Locker room for tough and daring people.

© Yono / reddit

Omg, who sells expiring bread- oh.

© chmiiller / reddit

Yeah, potatoes.

© Kadmus / reddit

No, it’s not covered in mold. Yes, it has been washed.

© RCoder01 / reddit

Let’s buy a skirt that makes you look like you’ve spilled coffee on yourself.

© AlfredKC / reddit

How to make clock looks complicated.

© patchestheshark / reddit

This designer didn’t want anyone to live here.

© holyhelp / reddit

Anyone wishing to be thoroughly fried this summer?

© SOL1Dx / reddit

That gate is meant for those who has enough of life. And bad designs.

© LimeStraw / reddit

Someone photoshopped human smile on doggy.

© n0t-_ / reddit

Reads both open and closed. Life is complicated like that.

© CaptJackSparrow / pikabu

No problem, let’s just stick my charger on its eyes.

© alhimik007 / pikabu

It’s Paais. Not Paris. Bold of you to assume it’s Paris.

© BeefyMacAndCheese / reddit

How to tell girls they look ugly when using face masks.

© xnum / reddit

I’ll just set that on fire. With the rest of the table I guess.

© OINOU / reddit

Coz paper is fire-resistant, right?

© en5ads / reddit

This is a urinal and toilet in Finland.

© Niiisse / reddit

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