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25 People Dreaming Of Getting A Home-Based Teddy Bear Got A Newfoundland Dog As Replace


25 People Dreaming Of Getting A Home-Based Teddy Bear Got A Newfoundland Dog As Replace

Cutest dog ever!

Every dog breed has its own tendencies and every dog has their own personalities. It’s safe to say that every breed of dog deserves a chance to be loved and appearance alone shouldn’t be the only judge we use.

That said, Newfoundland dogs are seriously adorable to the point you can’t move on from them if you’ve got them. Newfoundland dogs usually have dark haired furs, generally waterproof and love a lot of snuggles and snacks. On the side note, they are smart and easy to train as well as equipped with webbed paws for swimming.

Despite their build, these dogs are known for their gentle and calm demeanor that makes them suitable to have for the family with kids!

They are just the best kind of teddy bears to have at home!

1. Newfoundland pup is a unit!

20+ People Who Dreamed of Having a Big Teddy Bear at Home, So They Got a Newfoundland Dog
© tanzaniteflame / Reddit

2. This kid will grow up never asking for a pony.

© BlondeAussieGirl1990 / Reddit 

3. Cat and dog of the same caliber getting along.


4. “One day, I’m gonna be a huge puppy, I can jump off this fence.”

© Khristina / Reddit

5. “What? I’m still a baby, too!”

© Prostoilogin / Pikabu

6. “I wuv ice-cream.”

© DMelechow93 / Pikabu  

7. “Yes mom usually looks adoringly at me…why shouldn’t she, I am very adorable!”


8. Moose has just arrived at this house today and has kicked off his table knocking record with one

© drummerguy1423 / Reddit  

9. Gorgeous Newfie puppy, Aurora

© CamaroSkip / Reddit  

10. You can own a pony and a Newfie and get your dog to walk your pony!

© nikom1 / Pikabu

11. Ollie is 14 weeks old and weighs 50 lbs. He is also cute, regal, and full of love!

© mozman68 / Reddit

12. Lakaya the Grizzly Bear is actually just Newfie blending in

© LarrysaStylinson / Pikabu

13. Ruth is 6 months old, but she seems to have mistakenly thought she is a cat

© Majesty1990 / Pikabu

14. Dad with his adorable 13 weeks old Newfoundland pup!

© jrvehrs / Imgur  

15. “I have a lap dog” but that’s not how lap dogs work but okay

© Sartargar / Pikabu  

16. A beautiful Newfoundland dog commonly mistaken as a bear

© maz-o / Reddit

17. Hip-hop Newfie!

© dannygally / Reddit

18. You’ve got lots of room here, Karen, let me sit

© guboshlep777 / Pikabu

19. This Newfie is so ready for his trip to the beach!

© Uploaded / Imgur  

20. Newfoundland in Newfoundland, Canada

© Cbren67 / Reddit

21. This is a young, ‘tiny’ 8-month old Newfoundland pup

© deysiy / Reddit  

22. Ludo’s favorite spot not fitting in that well anymore

© Vokaa / Reddit

23. A hilarious story of a Newfie that just loves people a little too much!

Aww! Well, maybe a little too friendly to strangers isn’t that good. You gotta tough up, Newfie!

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