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30 Parents Who Show Simply Why People Need A License To Have Kids


30 Parents Who Show Simply Why People Need A License To Have Kids

Don’t have kids if you can’t afford to be a decent parent.

Please don’t have kids if you are not ready. That’s what you would want to tell many others who plan to have kids in the future. Meanwhile, I don’t think I will want any kid in the future because just look at these – it’s going to be super hard to keep my kids in check when there are madmen everywhere.

Being a parent doesn’t give you and your kids the right to be jerks, wild, obnoxious, you name it. Do you think taking care of a kid is hard? That is why we keep reminding people: kids are not teddy bears nor lap dogs. They are beings who can grow like the next Nelson Mandela or Hannibal Lecter.

And parents play a huge part in that if you haven’t noticed. We’ve got life hack tips for parents if you really need help.

1. Mother shocked as pictures of her changing her baby’s diaper on top of stacks of clothing in a department store were taken.


2. This is not a real competition, so learn to chill out.


3. Kids climbing and playing on “Vietnam Women’s Memorial” in front of veterans.


4. What kind of parents think it’s okay for kids to do this?!


5. A mother who thinks it’s okay to change diaper in a restaurant.


6. Someone brought their measles-infected kid to IKEA.


7. Give him attention, NOW.


8. Did you possibly eat that diaper? Was it part of the meals?


9. These neglecting parents let their kid watch a video on full volume.


10. Father deliberately put his kids behind the railings and wait for them to ruin the display.


11. Kid watches on bright iPad with full volume on WITHOUT headphone throughout the entire flight.


12. Oh, no, not in a child’s shoe!


13. A balloon inside a theater.


14. They brought their own potty seat and used it in the aisle as if that was normal.


15. “Dealership I work at gives out loaner vehicles while we get theirs repaired. One we just got back.”


16. It felt like a fight happened in this theater.


17. A mom and two older kids refused to leave the Play Table for kids and didn’t even look up from their phones.


18. Parent sits where she shouldn’t just to get a close-up look.


19. Having an autistic kid makes you an entitled parent?


20. Neglecting parents leave their baby in the stroll just like that.


21. Who let their kid do this in a store?


22. Parents should not be saying okay to kids who do this inside a library.


23. Oh, yea, that’s a nice shot of my kid. Let me just stand right in front of that.


24. Woman saw me took picture of this as she left her baby’s diaper right there.


25. Woke up at 7 in the summer, got ready, only to be ghosted by tutor kid whose parents didn’t bother to inform.


26. Mother looked at her phone and sat right there because she is the only who deserves to see her kid dance. If she ever did.


27. Another ruined toy store because who needs to buy them if you can play them right there?


28. This kid when the plane is landing.


29. Two diapers 20ft away from the bin at The Barton Springs Spillway.


30. Certainly unacceptable conduct.


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