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17 Priceless Parenting Life Hacks Moms And Dads Need Urgently


17 Priceless Parenting Life Hacks Moms And Dads Need Urgently

Being a parent can really stir up your creativity.

Being able to have a baby of your own is such a miracle that packs a bundle of cuteness, excitement, and chaos. We enjoy the first two, but could definitely do away without the third as most parents do their best to raise their kid. But the first few months can really be a mess.

But hey, look at the bright side – being a parent has probably made you think so many solutions to help you take care of your little one. From making makeshift portable beds to DIY socket covers, here are 17 most creative solutions to problems you didn’t know you need so bad!

1. To protect the baby’s head from injuries

© Odditymall

2. Pool noodles on the walker to protect walls and everyone else’s feet.

© roswellc / Reddit

3. Creative dad feeds two babies hands-free.

© POBox350BostonMA02134 / Imgur

4. Adhesive top from baby wipes can be used as makeshift socket covers.

© Brittany Kurtz / Facebook

5. Stickers to keep kids busy and entertained during a long flight.

© teachermama1138 / Instagram

6. Bring a full (of money) diaper while keeping your kid entertained because people aren’t likely to be interested in it.

© Eri_Cherrii / Reddit

7. Make a pool out of your shower curtain at the beach!

© thenextlvl / Reddit

8. Remove smell from your car’s interior by heating wax warmers under the sun.

© iCantBelieveLebron / Reddit

9. Dad sticks each type of band-aid outside the Ziploc baggies to recognize them quickly when they need one.

© aworden222 / Reddit

10. Cut watermelons as sticks that kids will love to eat from.

© soulfire_creations / Instagram

11. How to hack microwave to heat up multiple plates at once:

© TheTrollinator777 / Reddit

12. Pool noodles can also be used as door bumpers to prevent fingers from getting caught indoors.

© MoJeffreys / Reddit

13. Stop dripping ice-cream melts by stuffing a marshmallow in the bottom. It’s also an extra treat!

© RIPJ4WZ / Reddit

14. Warm-up sack of rice in the flannel cloth gives baby the warmth they need when sleeping.

© In Between Laundry

15. Rubber gloves also do the trick.

© Debbie Smith / Baby Hints and Tips

16. Surprise treats to reward your kids for what they’ve done.

© Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons / Facebook

17. Sew 4 pillows into one and there you go to a portable bed!

© Imgur

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