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15 Cool Moms And Dads Who Deserve A Medal For Their Ingenious Parenting Skills


15 Cool Moms And Dads Who Deserve A Medal For Their Ingenious Parenting Skills

Being a parent requires more skills than just being able to change a soiled diaper and lift your baby when they are crying. Parentings is not for the faint hearted and you will barely understand it if you haven’t been around a needy toddler.

Yet some mums and dads are rocking parenting like it’s a go in the park. They know how to crack jokes, treat others with respect and try their best to please their children. So why not steal their cool ideas/

Check out some of these ingenious ideas from the coolest parents on the internet.

1. To not dirty anyone

© dromb / pikabu  

2. “Found baby photos. Mom made this costume for me on Halloween

© Gs1000g / reddit  

3. “My girlfriend’s father made this table for us”

© luckydice1224 / reddit  

4. Mom took care of the passengers

© LordSoulThif / pikabu  

5. Normal dinner with dad

© FuckFloorLimit / reddit  

6. “Mom tied a beard to my son”

© BeerdedBear / reddit  

7. Dad tried as best he could to feed the child.

© Buxler / pikabu  

8. Invincible squad

© staruxa111 / pikabu  

9. “Our dad was recently gone, and mom made us a blanket of his T-shirts”

© Liv_NB / reddit  

10. “Mom made the costumes for me 2-year-old and for me 39-year-old”

© Sluggerknuckles / reddit  

11. “This is a gift from dad to me at school graduation”

© phuhuutin / reddit  

12. When with parents on the same wavelength

13. Mom can

© vk26stav / pikabu  

14. Mom is good, and dad is more interesting

© BublikKatya / pikabu  

15. “Normal Friday with my 56-year-old parents”

© shourtneypants / reddit  

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