36 Incredible Then & Now Pictures Of Friendship That Lasts A Lifetime

Not everybody finds that one person that they can call a soulmate and you know what it is when you find one. A friend whose bond is tighter than siblings and stronger than blood. The world we live in today is so dynamic that a moment’s change can mean you won’t meet that important person for a really long time.

But these 36 pictures show that, hey, true friendship that lasts a lifetime exists! People who are willing through thick and thin, put up with your bulls, fight and make up back again really do exist.

1. Best friends for 59 years from a camping trip to being grandpas.


2. 15-year of friendship and still gaming together!

Tammy Murray

3. 9 years later and we graduated together!


4. Still share the same bathtub after all those years!


5. Best friends hanging out together when they were 10, 17 and 29 recently.


6. They are now in their 70s and this is them 70 years ago.

Janet Valenti

7. These best buddies took pictures together every 5 years since 1982 at Copco Lake in California.


8. Since 1st grade to graduation day.


9. 35 years together and still going strong!

Chris Porsz

10. He may look grumpy, but they stick it up and are still friends 30 years later!


11. Surrogate sisters have been sharing and staying solid for 76 years!

Laura Siegel

12. Dirty boys 20+ years later sticking together still.


13. Recreating the days when we were still young then!


14. 60 years worth of friendship in a picture as they both go through the hardest times of their lives together.

Gwen Chasan

15. The older brother took pictures of his younger brother with besties.


16. Pizzas lovers then. Pizza lovers now.


17. Racism is a myth to these bros!


18. The same best friend for years since their first day in kindergarten to their last year in college.


19. Then and now, still wondering how they got stuck together 12 years later on his 22nd birthday.


20. Girl gang pictures taken in 1978 and 2016.


21. Sisters from different parents, best friends for 50+ years and lived in different cities for the past 40 years. None had sister, but always made time to meet a few times a year.

Judy Bjornsen

22. And now, they are 40.


23. 20 years later, still friends who made time for each other.


24. Picture recreated from the same people 10 years ago!


25. Them in a costumer party in 1998 and them when one of them is getting married in 2016.

26. For 50 years they were supporting each other through all sorts of things – infidelity, aging parents, loss. “We are so grateful to have one another to go through this wonderful life we have.

Mary Scalercio

27. 7 years ago, then and now.


28. Friends in 1990 and friends still in 2017.

29. Goulet siblings with best friends back in 1966 and 48 years later.

30. Both are graduation pictures; one in their preschool and the other in high school!


31. Sam, Shawn and Ron took pictures back in 1978 and the next one is in 2016.

32. Besties then and now!


33. They are best friends of different background, personalities, and job for 50 years long.

Janna Wong Healy

34. Picture from back in 8th grade vs. their senior year of college.


35. 60 years together and none could imagine life without each other.

Bonnie Adamick

36. Four best friends in a picture in 1965 and 50 years later in 2015.

Isabelle Ross

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