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A Company Sells Pills That Make Farts Smell Like Chocolates And Flowers

Good News

A Company Sells Pills That Make Farts Smell Like Chocolates And Flowers

The company also has some powders for your dog.

Good News, it’s about time you stop worrying about how your farts smell. Perhaps, it is also time to stop getting embarrassed when you fart around friends, colleagues, and family.

Guess What?

A French company has announced its invention to the world. The company has finally invented a pill that will make your fart smell pleasant. Developed by an Inventor called Christian Poincheval, the pills once taken can change your disgusting, smelly farts into a rose-chocolate like fragrance.

The Inventor, who resides in the Western French Town of Gesvres has been on the innovation since the year 2007.

Lutin Malin

Seen on Lutin Malin – The official website of the company, the pill is said to be naturally good since it is a dietary supplement produced with natural ingredients – Sure will make your passed-out-gas smell nice.

The website, however, did claim that the Fart-smelling-nice pill is the outcome of thorough research, attempts and had been under production since 2007, adding that the fragrant modifications have a touch of humour for any event.

Are you thrilled about this good news? If Yes, the product is now sold officially on the earlier stated website and on Amazon for £20 – (a sachet of about 60 pills).

Not cool with the rose and chocolate fragrance, the pill also has the smell of Ginger, and May Day Lily among others.

Shockingly, the company also has some powders you can use for your dog as well.

Lutin Malin

All you need to do is to sprinkle the powder into your dog food and their output will bring out the smell of spring flowers.

Why not purchase for yourself and be free to fart anywhere in the world? Or get for your dog.

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