Adam Sandler’s Latest Movie, ‘Uncut Gems’ Rated 100 Percent On Rotten Tomatoes

Adam Sandler’s new recent movie Uncut Gems has successfully attained an amazing 100 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes after being applauded and commended by several film reviewers across the globe.

Over time, Adam Sandler’s movie has been something different from the type of films that keeps a viewer on the edge of the comedy sought that helps viewers to laugh out their stress after a stressful day. However, this recent one seems a bit different from the norm.

Adam Sandler. Credit: PA

The new film Uncut Gems which was directed by Josh and Benny Safdie premiered at the Telluride Movie Festival during the weekend ahead of its slated release date in December.

The movie synopsis as revealed by Rotten Tomatoes states “From the movie makers Benny and Josh Safdie comes to an intriguing crime thriller about Howard Ratner (Sandler) a New York jeweler who often hopes for the next big hit.

After making several bets with high stakes that could lead to the outburst of a lifetime, Ratner was faced with the option of carrying out a risky act of high-wire, balancing family, business as well as invading rivals from all sides in his unyielding quest for the crucial win.”

Credit: A24/Netflix

Despite not having any thriller to give us the full details of what to expect, it looks like we wouldn’t be needing one to develop any hype sense as the movie critics have all shown positive reactions which have propelled the movie to a 100 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

In the words of Variety critic Peter Debruge, “the film Uncut Gems creates a feeling of being locked up inside the pin-swinging brain of lunatic for hours – and you know what: it’s gaseous”

Variety Fair’s Austin Collins also applauded Adam’s performance stating that he never expected the tune of the event in the file Uncut Gems which created a push in Sandler’s comic abilities towards the spiteful uncertainties that have given the spark.

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