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Adobe Stops Providing Service for Old Versions of Creative Clouds: Users Never Owned the Software

A Twitter account of an animator for a game called Epic Battle Fantasy Series recently tweeted an email sent by Adobe:

Inside the email, users are not given explanations of why they discontinued support for older models. But in one of their tweets from AdobeCare, it was revealed that legal actions have been taken as a response to Dolby’s lawsuit against copyright infringement.

Adobe entered the subscription team in 2013 in order to gain higher revenue and now, they are forcing users to revert to only two choices of the latest models they support.

“Unless Adobe has violated the terms of its licensing agreement by this sudden discontinuance of support for an earlier software version, which is unlikely, these impacted users have to just grin and bear it,” Dylan Gilbert, a copyright expert from Public Knowledge explains.

This current situation is, of course, unpleasant mainly because each artist has their own preferred versions. Many still prefer Adobe Flash and others think CS4 is too slow to run on computers. Several people are already marking their leave from paying up to $52.99 for a Creative Cloud Complete Plan.

Users are stripped of their ownership of something they have been zealously paying every month only to be sent a letter that they either take it or leave it. It certainly shows us that copyright has become a mere tool to control customers and render them powerless when it comes to what they can use without pirating the software.


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