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Craft Brewery Business At Risk and Owner Decides to Make an Applicant Looks Crazy


Craft Brewery Business At Risk and Owner Decides to Make an Applicant Looks Crazy

Large brewery soliciting marketing ideas for a few cans of beer? Not cool.

It’s not easy to land on a job and it’s even harder to land on one that you really love doing. But it’s certainly not cool when you are made into thinking that you have the job, spent hundreds of dollars to get to a job interview only to be said you don’t qualify for the job.

What’s even worse, one and a half year later with the company at risk of going under decided to tweet something that makes you look crazy. And what’s even worse, they do it on their official account and the picture looks convincing.

There is a lot of things we can point out here. First, yes, this is posted from BrewDog Company that specializes in craft beer. Second, @BrewDogJames pointed out that it was ‘recently’ submitted to them and the third, they decided to think that it’s completely normal to let someone spend $4,378.1 worth of time and just accept it. That’s minus the cookies.

Now, this feels like the applicant might have gone out of her mind: it’s normal to spend a few hours on interviews. That’s part of your investment on a job, to show that you are dedicated to it. Not to mention the company has paid for the transport, which is a reasonable cause.

Then, the applicant spoke up.

This whole feud started from a marketing concept that BrewDog used which suspiciously looked similar to what Manifest London, a creative agency, has. Here is a tweet by the CEO of Manifest London:

Jenny Frankart continues to reply to the tweet by telling a story of her own experience with the company.

“I interviewed w/ @BrewDog for a marketing position, I was serving at marketing director of a California winery in 2017 & working to move to Columbus to be closer to family. I was strung along for 5 months, submitted a completed 2018 marketing strategy…

“…upon their request, submitted idea after idea, flew out for my fourth interview, with @BrewDogJames, only to be blown off. I was told I would be reimbursed for my flight, told I was the top candidate repeatedly, submitted countless ideas over five months while trying to move..

“…only to finally be ghosted, not reimbursed, and made to feel like a fool. Horrible man. Horrible company.”

James tried to approach this in a friendly tone:

“Jenny I did not ghost you, but I interviewed you. Sorry that you did not get the role, we had a few outstanding candidates for this one. If there was an issue with payment for flights it was purely an admin one in a new busines,, email us and we will sort it for you.”

As it appears, this is not the first time people are troubled by James’ ‘fake interview’ schemes.

Alex has since May 15 announced that have “discussed the matter amicably with BrewDog, and there is no longer an issue.” But, now we know what kind of company we will need to steer away from and be very wary of.

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