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Alexa, Amazon Lab Collaborates on Wearable Device that Reads Human Emotions


Alexa, Amazon Lab Collaborates on Wearable Device that Reads Human Emotions

Time to belt Alexa’s to your wrist.

A latest report has disclosed that Amazon is currently planning on a wrist worn, voice activated device that can hypothetically read human emotions. Recognized as a health gadget of sort, the Alexa voice software team and Amazon’s Lab 126 division are collaborating to develop the wearable device.

The device which is reported to sync with any smartphone application will also have microphones that can detect the wearer’s emotional state through the sound of his or her vocal sound.

Report Leaks


Bloomberg, who disclosed the information after speaking to a source and also reviewing an internal Amazon document, equally added that the upcoming technology might be able to give the wearer advice, most especially on how to relate with others effectively.

While a report in 2018 had reported that Amazon is developing a home robot, its Lab 126 Hardware division has already been responsible for the Fire Phone, Kindle and the Echo Speaker that firstly introduced Alexa to the world. Imagine an Alexa powered robot roaming around your house, washing the dishes and cleaning rugs. This will all become reality soonest!!

Current Thread

The current uniting thread for Amazon hardware effort is to establish an eco-system for Alexa capable devices, to complete its rumored Alexa robot and to making Alexa more mobile through its emotion sensing wearable device, thus bringing a whole new dimension for users.

According to Bloomberg the report didn’t, however conclude on how long Amazon’s project will take or whether the project will result into any kind of commercial products. We, certainly have to be on the lookout, right?

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