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Amazing Facts About Bhutan – A Country With Free Healthcare And No Homeless People


Amazing Facts About Bhutan – A Country With Free Healthcare And No Homeless People

Bhutan is the country of happiness.

Bhutan is a county with beautiful view, but that’s not their only interesting feature. In fact, Bhutan is known for being the ‘happiest country in Asia’ and eight in the world. Sure, Bhutan doesn’t have the fancy advanced technology the rest of the world does and many of them don’t even have access to the Internet.

But tourists who come here will be blown away by how easy it is to meet people with genuine smiles on their faces.

Bhutan had no Internet or TV until 1999.

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They have a Ministry of Happiness and Gross National Happiness.

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Homeless people go to the King and are given a land to cultivate and live.

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People are given free medical healthcare for both traditional and modern methods.

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Bhutanese wear traditional outfits with scarf that shows their social status. Commoners wear white scarf while nobles and monks wear yellow scarf.

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Cultivating, processing and selling tobacco or cigarettes are prohibited. Tourists are incurred with high fees just to bring tobaccos into the country.

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Bhutan planted 50,000 trees in an hour.

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Many Bhutanese are Buddhists who practice vegetarianism. Their main staple is red rice and tea is drunk with salt, pepper and butter.

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Tightly regulated tourism – tourists MUST always be accompanied by a guide at $250 a day. Tourists must also pay all their expenses in advance and only one airline company goes in and out of the country.

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Inheritance usually goes into the hand of the eldest daughter, not son.

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Everything is organic in Bhutan because using chemical products is against the law.

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People are not allowed to marry foreigners and men enter the women’s house in a marriage.

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People, physically, handle the traffic instead of traffic lights.

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Traditional Bhutanese houses have a ground floor for animals, a living floor and an upper floor for hay. They also decorate their houses like a gingerbread house.

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