Amazon Worker, 24, Quit His Job A Day After Winning Lottery Of £10,000 Per Month For 30 Years

The latest/first winner of the Lottery Set For Life to go public has disclosed his plans of ditching his job at Amazon, after winning a £10,000 Per Month For 30 Years lottery.

Named Dean Weymes, the lottery winner works in the transport department for Amazon and hadn’t bothered to check his numbers on the evening of the competition since he arrived at work at 7 a.m on July 30th.

Weymes, celebrating with a Coca-Cola is the first Set For Life winner to go public

And when he finally checked during his break at work, Dean said: “I don’t have to be here if I don’t want to be here. I took my first break after 11 a.m and I went out, got my mobile phone and checked my numbers, only to discover that I have won.”

Weymes said he has planned a trip to Disneyland and a tandem skydive

Dean added: “ My normal break takes about 15 minutes, but I think I did a break abuse. By about 10 minutes I went back in and sat on my computer for 5 minutes and said, I’m sick and stood up to go home. The next day I went in to quit. I went to the HR and said I have to resign and they said I should fill out a form which reads “Why are you leaving?”

Being the fourth person to win the prize since the game began in March, Dean revealed he wrote: “I won a Lottery/retirement.” 

The lottery winner previously works in the transport department for Amazon

However, Dean Weymes who hails from Peterborough studied Video and Film at the University In Dundalk, Ireland. He further stated he hopes to use his winning to assist his sternly autistic brother, Robert, 23.

Dean Weymes, meeting with WWE wrestler The Edge at signing is the first-ever Set for Life winner to go public 

Earlier, Dean had made a documentary about his brother and titled it “The Thief.” Went viral in Ireland, the movie buff now wants to start a career in screenwriting.

Best of luck Dean Weymes!!!

Shepherd Morgan

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